Optimism always wins

Dear Optimists,

This blog started out because of a whiner who always looked on the negative side of life. Every time there was something wrong in this person’s life you’d find her online complaining to her friend in the US. He’d listen, nod and let her finish – then twist her pessimism into optimism.

One day he said to her, “There are a lot of people out there who tend to focus on the negative things in life – I wish we could change that.” 30 minutes later ‘Dear Optimists’ was born.

And it has changed me (the whiner!). I can’t stop thinking of positive stories I want to share with you. I can’t stop drawing these silly illustrations, because I know that they make you smile.

I used to hate it when people said, “Look on the bright side!” whenever I shared something – now I want to hug them for reminding me.



Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

18 thoughts on “Optimism always wins”

  1. Speaking as a reformed pessimist myself, I have to say I’ll always be grateful to that obnoxious teenaged girl who told me “I hate listening to you, you’re always so negative! Just STOP.” Being what I was, I took it as a personal challenge and silently swore that I’d show *her* by being positive for a week, so Thbbbpt! … That week changed my life, and now people like y’all keep it going. From all the reformed (and hopefully future reformed) pessimists out there, Thanks!

    1. Sometimes my pessimist self pops out for air – I’m trying to keep her in her cave, but I guess air is fine. One day I want to be reformed, just like you! 🙂

  2. I used to be a pessimist too! But one day, I had to stop and recall how everything wrong had eventually turned out to be something so right! That had really hit me, and truly changed my life.. 🙂

    Now I believe that everything happens for a damn good reason! If we don’t get it now, later on we will.. And even if we don’t get “why” at all, it’s pretty satisfactory that God knows.. 😀

    1. Yes! It’s hard to shake off old habits and I’m not totally converted, but I’m getting there! But I’m so happy and pleased to hear that you’re totally there ❤

  3. Hi! I totally can relate. I started blogging a few months ago because of similar reasons. Once you start the habit of looking at the positive side of things it gets easier and makes life beautiful!


  4. I would like to read scenarios and this kind of story about becoming an optimist.

    I always try to be optimistic but it’s hard especially when people around you drown you with your present emotion on a bad experience.

    truly, I enjoy your drawings. I always look forward on this in your blog every time I open my mail.

    1. That’s more or less what the idea is with this blog already 🙂 Every little story is about the small things in life that make us happy – the small things that we want YOU to focus on, too! But we’re looking into doing a guide now! 🙂

      It *is* extremely hard. It’s way too easy to say ‘don’t hang around those kind of people’, but the world is not that simple. One thing that has helped me a lot is when I go to bed and think about how my day went, I focus on the little things that happened at some point of the day that made me smile. It’s hard to begin with, but trust me – it’ll get easier!

      Thank you so much, it means a lot to us!
      Keep smiling, rOxy.

  5. I love the drawings, and the little fast reads because they add to my own optimism. My friend Leslie is my real life optimism booster, and together you will both keep me the happier for it.

    You gotta laugh off the bad, it’s a good coping mechanism and it’s annoying to be pessimistic all the time.

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you practise optimism in your everyday life. If we all did this the world would be a better place. Until then: Lets smile to everybody on the street 🙂
      And thanks for the compliments!

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