It’s Time…

Den called Nadia.

“Nadia. It’s time.”

“Dood, I know.”

Dear Optimists has returned.  Like everyone, we are watching the news, talking to friends, and hearing stories…and if the world ever needed more optimism, it is now.


New content is right around the corner. For now, check out our past, remember us, and get ready for new reasons to smile…because right now, we all need to feel a little more optimistic.

Yours in Optimism,

Nadia & Den


Author: den

More often than not, people wonder what I'm up to. I'm a people watcher, and love to tell a stranger's story, as I see it. If you see me reading or writing in a coffee shop, there's a good chance I'm making up a story about you at that moment. I'm a visual person who loves finding inspiration in my surroundings, and believe that sometimes the smallest detail can tell the majority of the story, if you have the sense to recognize it.

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