A little piece of Heaven

Dear Optimists,

The postman came! My boyfriend slept on the couch to make sure that he heard him knock on our door while I was at the university. He volunteered. I swear!

When I arrived home I hurried to open the package. That was when I noticed the plastic screen protector-thingy.

What was even more fantastic was the fact that there was one on the front and one on the back.

Sometimes I scare myself. But it’s the smaller things in life that counts, right?


PS. I’m still waiting for my SIM card, which means I can’t use this little piece of Heaven…


Dear Optimists,

There are just something about birthdays, aren’t there? When it comes to birthdays I’m never going to grow up. Even my gifts proves this fact; last year I was dragged into a toy store where my friend bought me a nerf gun. Okay, I wasn’t dragged. He was.

I tend to get more excited about other people’s birthdays than my own, really (everybody that knows me reading along, shush!). It was my bf’s birthday Monday and I got him way too many presents. With my excitement and eagerness about his birthday (more than he’s ever been himself), I ended up giving him all of the gifts on his dinner plate in front of our family when we celebrated on Saturday, two days before his real birthday.He was overwhelmed by all the love and presents he received from all of us. It made me warm inside. Don’t you just love giving gifts?

Happy birthday, baby.
Your’s truly,

P.S. The drawing is misleading. He received seven gifts, not six.