Thank You! (This is not a guest post)

Dear Optimists,

Awards are so nice, aren’t they? And we wanted to thank everyone for the awards that have been bestowed upon our little blog. It’s so kind and thoughtful of everyone to think of us as award-winners.

That being said, we aren’t really show offs. It’s fun getting them, but we don’t feel the need to post them. As optimists, we want millions to read our blog, but we would never show off if our numbers were that high. And the two of us feel that some of these awards are created for the wrong reasons and ruin it for the rest, so we just choose to accept, smile, and say thank you.

Again, thank you so much and we love that so many people nominate us. We feel so loved and special when we receive such nice thoughts. We appreciate the many comments, emails and other pleasant correspondences with our readers and love every single one of you.



Den and Nadia


Guest Post Wednesday: A Thank-You email

Dear Optimists,

You might remember Carolynn the Dyer, the lovely lady who won our 100th post contest?

She won a hand-painted one-of-a-kind watercolour by me, Nadia. Not too long ago we received a Thank-You email from her, which reminded us why we do this (just like every single comment from you guys reminds us!):

Dear Nadia and Den,

I got the drawing in the mail today. What timing! You see, I’m in charge of a major activity at church tonight, and just this morning I realized that about half the things I thought were completed hadn’t even been started yet.

It’s been Stress Central Station over here ever since.

Anyway, I was running around like a squirrel on entirely too much caffeine, going to dash off to the store for (yet another) something I forgot, when I heard the mailman at the door–with a package. Package! Who doesn’t love that? Better yet, it had your picture in it, all smiling and lovely. It got me to stop, breathe, and just… smile.

Thank you, you lovely people!


It’s prettier in real life. We’re less orange-y.

Thank you, Carolynn.
Nadia & Den.

Thank you!

Dear Thousands of Readers From the Past 24 Hours,We have never felt so loved via the Internet as we do right now.

Your support, likes, comments and subscriptions have given us an inspiration we never would have expected. Thank you so much.

We promise to do our best to bring you the lighter side of our lives as often as possible.

Since, sometimes, we have a little story or anecdote that seems too short for this site, we welcome you to our newly-created facebook page, where we will give creative, fun little updates as well. You can click like on the sidebar to the right for all the fun!

Thank you so much for your love and support.

Den & Nadia.