Guest Post Wednesday: A Thank-You email

Dear Optimists,

You might remember Carolynn the Dyer, the lovely lady who won our 100th post contest?

She won a hand-painted one-of-a-kind watercolour by me, Nadia. Not too long ago we received a Thank-You email from her, which reminded us why we do this (just like every single comment from you guys reminds us!):

Dear Nadia and Den,

I got the drawing in the mail today. What timing! You see, I’m in charge of a major activity at church tonight, and just this morning I realized that about half the things I thought were completed hadn’t even been started yet.

It’s been Stress Central Station over here ever since.

Anyway, I was running around like a squirrel on entirely too much caffeine, going to dash off to the store for (yet another) something I forgot, when I heard the mailman at the door–with a package. Package! Who doesn’t love that? Better yet, it had your picture in it, all smiling and lovely. It got me to stop, breathe, and just… smile.

Thank you, you lovely people!


It’s prettier in real life. We’re less orange-y.

Thank you, Carolynn.
Nadia & Den.


Stress reflief

Dear Optimists,

I have a confession to make.

I love gaming. Not just board games (who doesn’t enjoy board games!?), but also computer games, Xbox games, Kinect, and of course, the games on my beloved iPhone (yes, I’m namedropping brands – Xbox, Kinect and Apple, please get in touch – we could work something out!).

It’s no secret that I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation. I haven’t been talking about anything else for the past… forever. However, this gives me a lot of time to play games on the before mentioned mobile.

Since all my braincells belong to my thesis these days, I’m going for the more subtle games that I can unwind to. Like Bubbleshooter. How I love hate love that game.

Yesterday I wrote and finished a whole chapter, but I also beat my own (and a friend’s) score in Bubbleshooter. You decide which made me prouder. Here’s a hint:

I read somewhere that women that play online games actually suffer from less stress than women that don’t. There we have my excuse for playing silly games!

Soo… what are you playing these days?