Uh oh!

Dear Optimists,

Hello Optimists*

At the hockey game the other day, I was working in a different building, the baseball stadium for the Philadelphia Phillies, Citizens Bank Park. Since I’d only worked there one other time, please keep in mind that I don’t know my way around that well.

As I just missed the elevator, I noticed a set of stairs next to it and figured I could catch up with my coworkers by taking the stairs down one flight. I enter the stairwell and as the door shuts behind me I hear a buzz and a click. Doors don’t usually make noises like this, so I turned and tried the door. It was locked! I panicked a little, ran down a flight to try the next door…locked! One more flight and still locked! I thought I was going to end up sitting in this stairwell and everyone would wonder what happened to me! I would be missing the whole game, trapped in a stairwell! And let’s face it, I would be teased for months.

One more flight down and the door opened. Phew! I actually made it to the elevator as it opened and my coworkers walked out.



*Please excuse three “Den” posts in a row. Nadia is defending her thesis today so I agreed to post for a few days so she could focus on such a huge, important project. And also excuse my crude DO hand drawing/watercolor…I wanted to give her as much time as I could.

Guest Post: Sports Vs. Laziness

Dear Optimists,

I love sports but I’m lazy. One of my favorites is Badminton. But I’m not so good at it.
It was my good luck that I always play doubles and that the BEST player among my friends was always my partner.
I have no strength to hit the ball, so I can’t stay in the back. They said that I’m good at netting (playing in the front), so I always stand at the front. My partner ends up running all over the place to hit the ball.
One day, I fell down, and my partner looked surprised and said “Yulia, you only stand and don’t  need to run, yet you still fall down.”
I was just standing at the front and when I walked, I stumbled.
We all laughed. But it didn’t stop me; playing badminton must go on 🙂

At least I still can do netting well and always win the game 😀

Yulia of the My Life as a Rainbow