Siri – ously?

Dear Optimists,

If you’re at all like me, you’ve been wanting an iPhone for a while now. Well guess what…I got mine last weekend! Huzzah! I’m a big Apple fan and always have been. I’ve never actually owned a PC, even going back to childhood.

So I picked up my new phone and was SO EXCITED. I got in the car and wanted to call my girlfriend to tell her I got it. So I search contacts, find her, and…can’t figure out what to do to actually CALL her. I was lost! Sure, it was my first touchscreen phone, but I didn’t imagine it would be difficult. So I sat there staring until suddenly, without warning…the phone talked to me.

Siri: Looks like you’re having trouble. Need help?
Me: Uh…yes. I want to call my girlfriend.
Siri: Do you want to call her at work or on her mobile?

I was shocked…seriously?

Me: Mobile, please.

Siriously…(pun intended) it was that easy. Siri is the coolest thing ever. My new goal is to figure out a way to make her curse.

And yes, I eventually figured out how to make calls.