Guest Post: 21 Going on 12

Dear Optimists,

It’s funny when people underestimate your age. I personally like it, but it gets so awkward when people over-underestimate it! I’m 21 already, but have got myself mistaken as a 12-year-old a lot; dozens of times actually!!

I will never forget two years ago, while shopping with my mom, a man of my father’s age came by and asked me to try a jacket… he said, “Would you please try this? It’s for my daughter, she’s of your age, 12 years.” Then he patted my shoulder, thinking I was a 12-year-old kid!! I swear, I couldn’t utter a word; I silently pulled myself out, leaving him wondering what his mistake was! My mother couldn’t stop laughing when I told her!!

I also remember when I missed my flight last year and the woman at the check-in desk called the plane crew telling them they have left a 12 year-old child alone at the airport!!


Sara of The Accidental Blog

P.S: My sister insisted on drawing me that tiny; she’s younger, yet taller than I! If I were good with drawing I would’ve drawn myself taller!


Free stuff <3

Dear Optimists,

I’m a sucker for free stuff. Pens, stickers, magazines – you name it, I want it.
Luckily, when I’m in Iceland visiting Mum I can buy tax-free*, which equals free money!

DVDs are rather cheap here, which means I always return home with a shitload of films. A penny saved is a penny gained, right? – Equals free money!!
At the shop this… girl… got quite confused when I asked for tax-free – must be her first time. After she handed me the tax-free papers, I just stood there. My DVDs were still on the counter.

“Is that all?,” I asked her, confused.
“Well. Yeah. You can have this?” She said and gave me a piece of paper.



*Tax-Free Shopping allows shoppers to reclaim the VAT(Value-Added Tax)/GST (Goods and Services Tax) they have paid on their shopping in foreign countries. Thank you for clarifying, Wiki.