We All Need Some Good News

Dear Optimists,

Den is a huge Office fan. HUGE. HUUUUUUGE. He pretty much watches it daily. It makes him so so so so so so so so happy.
So when John Krasinski posted his new Youtube show, Some Good News, Den was pretty excited. Especially when Steve Carell was on Some Good News as well!
John’s show is a combination of fun and positivity, something we here at DO adore. We love that the show is making such a positive impact on people. We ALL need some good news.
John Krasinski Dear Optimists SGN Some Good News.png
Den is hoping John does more. Lots more. Maybe one with Jenna Fischer?
Or just make an Office reunion season already!
Den & Nadia
P.S. Den’s favorite Office episode is Stress Relief. What’s yours?