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Time off

Dear Optimists,

This is us these days!

I’m spending every waking hour at the University, writing essays, articles and yet another thesis. It’s absolutely fantastic and I love every bit of it.

Den is of course busy planning the perfect wedding – as you can see on the picture, he’s very preoccupied.

This isn’t goodbye. Our lives are just so amazing these days that we can’t find time to write all the fantastic things down and draw it up for you.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back… we’re just taking a break.
We’ll miss you!



Optimistic rocker

Dear Optimists,

My hands hurt. Also my wrists.

You might think “Girl, what have you been up to?!?” Worry not – it’s not from bar fights, shady ‘after-midnight fooling around’, or extreme exercising (read: masturbation). I’ve just been GAMING.

And damn have I been gaming. I’ve been playing so much that I completed one game of Guitar Hero and am now half-way through another one. Seriously though, I only spend around a zillion hours a day…I don’t have a problem. I’m simply a rockstar – we don’t take account of silly things like time – pff.

I also can’t wait to get Batman – Arkham Asylum and the other games my boyfriend ordered for us the other day. Man do I love breaks from school!

Any other Guitar Hero players out there?



Dear Optimists,

It was 20 years and eight days ago that he jumped on the train to Hogwarts. I still remember where I was when reading the first book in the series. Even the second one, since I “swallowed” both books in one go on the beach in L’ametlla de Mar*, Spain.

On the train to my Hogwarts, my University (where we are not taught how to do potions, for some reason or another), I spotted this fancy-looking middle-aged man wearing a Tommy Hilfiger shirt and sitting with his briefcase locked in his arms. He was very focused on the book, he had in his right hand.

He was reading fast with eager I can only recognise from myself. I smiled to myself when he suddenly looked up and our eyes met. He shyly closed the book and showed me the cover while smiling – he was reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I have regained faith in humanity.


*L’ametlla de Mar is a small village in Spain and means ‘the beach’ in Spanish.