Wiiiiillllld Horseeeees…

Dear Optimists,

I promised you more horsie stories, so here we go. Think of an animal you see in your front yard everyday. For me it’s squirrels. I see them frolicking, running around, gathering food, chasing each other and doing other silly squirrel things.

Now imagine instead that they’re horses. That’s right, I said horses.

I was in Outer Banks, North Carolina, as some of you may know from my previous post, for my sister’s wedding. And everywhere we went there were wild horses just running around, chilling, and eating leaves from trees. It was so cool! The best was when the girlfriend and I went for a walk with the camera in an attempt to photograph some. We found a group of four, and do you know what they did? They posed for us. No lie. They ignored us until I whipped out the camera, at which point they would stop and look at the camera, practically smiling! If I moved to shoot from a different angle, they turned to face me again! As I was about to shoot they would nuzzle each other, or stop moving (like a human would) and sometimes they even lifted a foot to pose!

So much fun.

The only downside? With horses everywhere, there was also poop everywhere.

And lots of it.

A small price to pay for having wild horses, I guess.




Dear Optimists,

When Den talked about how much he loves vintage photos I couldn’t help but feeling a bit sad that I won’t be able to be the creator of such photographs. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to those times and shoot some photographs.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a time machine, but it doesn’t stop me doing what I love the most. Photographing.
I haven’t got much time these days to actually shoot like I did when I worked professionally, but when I do it it just feels right.

There’s this certain connection between us – me and the camera. We don’t always speak the same language (the new camera I ordered last year is from a foreign country and obviously, it hasn’t learned English nor Danish just yet), but we have this common understanding when creating.

It gives me peace, yet it creates excitement inside of me that I can’t shake off. Not that I want to.

When something makes you this happy, learn from my mistake and do it more often. Get involved, find time, do what you love.



What Makes Den Happy?

Dear Optimists,

For those of you who don’t know, I actually obsess over some things besides Legos and Smurfs. What, you might ask?

Vintage photographs:

I have piles and piles of them. I even have a few stacks sitting next to my computer right now! I use them for inspiration when I have writer’s block. I just love sitting there and looking at one, noticing not just the people and their clothing, but small details in the background. The subtle look on their face. The discarded item to the side. Everything. And I just love imagining what it is they’re experiencing at that very moment.

I love doing this. Now you know.