Guest Post Wednesday: Hibernating

Dear Optimists,

This time of year, as the air gets cooler, the days turn grey, and darkness descends before dinner is even cooked, people start talking about the weather. A lot. And usually in the form of complaints: “The days are so short now! It gets dark so early!”

I used to be right there with them, grumbling under my breath and shuffling sadly toward my car after work, feeling unmotivated and fatigued.

But here’s the Optimist spin: I’ve learned to embrace it.

For real.

I light some candles.

I get into my pajamas.

I snuggle up with my son and my dog, and I allow myself to have a slow and easy night.

Complete with hot chocolate.

Because for the rest of the year, I’m busy. Those June nights wherre the sky still glows pink at 9pm are lovely, but never-ending. I get up, I work, I play, I clean, and I just keep doing stuff, because the sun is up and I feel compelled. It’s exhausting, really.

But on the dark cold November [and December] nights, there’s nothing else to do but hibernate.

So hibernate I will.

See you in April!

Angela Marchesani of Ohana Chronicles