Time off

Dear Optimists,

This is us these days!

I’m spending every waking hour at the University, writing essays, articles and yet another thesis. It’s absolutely fantastic and I love every bit of it.

Den is of course busy planning the perfect wedding – as you can see on the picture, he’s very preoccupied.

This isn’t goodbye. Our lives are just so amazing these days that we can’t find time to write all the fantastic things down and draw it up for you.

Don’t worry, we’ll be back… we’re just taking a break.
We’ll miss you!



Rainbows and Horsies

Dear Optimists,

There are some things in life that are too cool for words.

I just got back from a trip to Outer Banks, North Carolina, where I saw my sister get married (a beautiful event in itself), my first wild horses, and my first real, full, rainbow. And I don’t mean a rainbow going from one cloud to the ground. I mean the whole darn thing from horizon to horizon. And not just one, but two, one right above the other.

The world is such a beautiful place.


P.S. More on the wild horses later in the week 🙂