Everyone is Nicer

Dear Optimists,
Is it just me, or are you noticing everyone is a little bit nicer these days? Is that everywhere or just where I live?
Yes, there’s a pandemic. But humanity is being so much more…human.
I’m raking the yard. A stranger walking by says hi.
A lady is pushing her son on a cart, and they both wave. My daughter has a conversation with them from across the street. Next thing we know, we have a play date “when this whole thing is finally over.”Untitled-Artwork 1.png
I take the kiddo for a walk. Everyone we pass asks how we are and if things are good. Some even ask if we need anything.
All from six feet away.
Is it possible we needed to get farther to become closer?
Den & Nadia
P.S. Let us know if people seem nicer where you are! Tell us stories in the comments.

Act of kindness – Snails

Dear Optimists,

As it may have come across in my other letters, I’m quite a kid. I try my best to keep in touch with my inner child by sticking to some of my childish convictions. Not that I throw a tantrum whenever we go grocery shopping and I can’t have chocolate (not that often anyway).

But after rain has fallen when the worms comes up from the earth and get toasted from the now shining sun, I can’t help but to help them. I have to help them across the pavement, back onto the grass.

It’s been a rainy summer here in Denmark, so this task was more or less impossible. But the snails, oh my God; the snails. To avoid crushing their houses and taking their lives, I jump around and do a little dance that if I weren’t wearing a hoodie would look like I was doing some African tribal dance.

I imagine them saying “thank-you for your troubles” for each jump, and always wonder why I seem to be the only one bothering? Am I?


PS. Happy World Smile Day! Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!