Radio show

Dear Optimists,

In Denmark we have to take lectures to learn how to do CPR and how to react when emergencies occur. If we don’t get a diploma, we can’t get our driver’s licence. A brilliant idea, if you ask me.

But when I was in 3rd grade, this wasn’t the normal procedure. Only a few people knew how to do it, and it was up to the parents to teach their children.
One day a radio show came to our school to find kids that knew how to do CPR.

I quickly raised my hand in eager, “I know CPR!”

The radio show host wanted to do an interview with me, since I appeared to be the only “enlightened” kid in class.

He started the interview, and came to the question: “So, how did you learn to do it?”

My answer was simple:

Donald Duck knows the answer to all of life’s questions, doesn’t he?