Dear Optimists,

It’s so easy to absolutely enthrall a three-year-old. It was my girlfriend’s niece’s birthday the other day and we took her out for the day and let her pick her gifts. The next day was her party, and I found one of the things she really loved (from the store) at a yard sale, so I grabbed it for her, a My Little Pony that was actually quite large that talked, sang and even wiggled its butt (who knows why). My girlfriend grabbed the batteries and once we gave it to her, it was like every other gift just disappeared.

No, this isn’t about how cute kids are again, dear optimists. It’s about how easy it was, as a kid, to look at something and just become awed by it. Wondering how it works. Watching it do whatever it does. Thinking about it in such an open-minded way. It was lovely. I do that sometimes with simple things  like seeds as they grow. Isn’t that just amazing? I put that seed in the dirt, I watered it, and it’s growing. I watch a caterpillar and it’s many legs moving across a leaf. Or even my typewriter…all those little parts that I can see, working together to create.

The world is an amazing place.