Smurfs Update

Dear Optimists,

Smurfs update. The gf and I went into a McD’s after a lovely night of looking at art and a delicious dinner, just to see if we could get any more of the Smurfs for my collection.

The kid working was either really nice or didn’t give a hoot, so he went into the back and brought out a giant box. “Root through and pick out the ones you need,” he said with a kind smile. We searched through and found one of each I was still missing. As we checked out I started to think about fate.

“You know,” I said to the gf. “You know what’s going to happen. We think we have the whole set, but there’s going to be one that we somehow missed.” She laughed and so did the kid.

When I got back home and looked through, I was missing Panicky Smurf. I jinxed myself.

But heck, at least now the quest is still on!