Hurricane! Hurricane?

Dear Optimists,

I woke up Sunday morning in the middle of a hurricane to find…NOTHING. No rain, a little wind, no damage…so imagine my surprise, considering the news kept telling everyone the end of the world was coming (practically). The stores were out of water, bread, milk, eggs (I think everyone makes French Toast when it storms, I swear it…) and they were even completely sold out of GENERATORS. So when nothing happened, people were, to put it kindly, upset.

So I watched the news, something I tend to avoid because it’s so so so negative (I get my world news from and BBC). I wanted to see what they would say/do/show to get themselves out of the pickle they’d put themselves into.

So I’m watching as the newscaster says, “And now we have the Atlantic City Director of Emergencies on the line.”

A picture of a cell phone comes up and we hear the man’s voice. “Good morning! So, we think we’ll be letting people back into Atlantic City around 4 P.M. on Monday, but then I’m just pulling that out of my buttcrack.”

This got my attention, and the newscaster’s as well, who was suddenly back on camera. “Okay…I think that maybe that wasn’t who we thought it was.”

The cell phone voice, one I assumed was gone, suddenly said “No Shit, Sherlock.”

I laughed my buttcrack off.



Kids Are So Cute

Dear Optimists,
Kids are awesome, aren’t they? They do the silliest, most entertaining things if you really observe carefully.

The other day I was waiting in line at a store, a little girl, probably like eleven or so, started jumping into and out of the automatic doors. She had a shirt with a Superman emblem on it and a serious case of hyperactivity. It made me smile.

As she jumped at the door the last time and it opened, she threw both hands into the air, palms up, and said “What what?” and then giggled like crazy.


If This Isn’t Nice, What Is?

Dear Optimists,

I once read a book by Kurt Vonnegut. Actually, I read all of them. But I read one called God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian. Doesn’t sound optimistic, does it? Anyway, as I read the introduction, he spoke of his uncle, who had this quirk about him. Whenever he was happy, or enjoying a moment, he would verbalize it. He would be sitting there drinking lemonade on a cool day in the shade of a tree, and just blurt out, “If this isn’t nice, what is?”

I’ve lived my life by that simple story shared by a literary genius. So now I’m sharing it with you. As they say, stop and smell the roses.

I mean think about it. If this isn’t nice, what is?




Dear Optimists,

I’m so fortunate that I’ve been out of the country twice this Summer. One of the trips was a three week holiday in Iceland where Mum lives, as you probably already know, the other one was a solo-trip to London.
I was quite nervous to travel all by myself, but Boyfriend encouraged me and repeatedly told me I was sooo awesome daring to travel all by myself. I like when people think I’m cool, so of course I went.

The day before I left, we had a shower together.

“Are you gonna bring your camera?,” Boyfriend asked me.
“Nah…,” I smiled, “That would be crazy!”

He looked at me wondering; why wouldn’t I want to take my camera with me to London?

I laughed: “Of course I’m bringing it, it was the first thing I packed!”

Then it occured to me that I’d forgot to pack my knickers. It’s obvious what’s more important to a photographer.