Optimistic rocker

Dear Optimists,

My hands hurt. Also my wrists.

You might think “Girl, what have you been up to?!?” Worry not – it’s not from bar fights, shady ‘after-midnight fooling around’, or extreme exercising (read: masturbation). I’ve just been GAMING.

And damn have I been gaming. I’ve been playing so much that I completed one game of Guitar Hero and am now half-way through another one. Seriously though, I only spend around a zillion hours a day…I don’t have a problem. I’m simply a rockstar – we don’t take account of silly things like time – pff.

I also can’t wait to get Batman – Arkham Asylum and the other games my boyfriend ordered for us the other day. Man do I love breaks from school!

Any other Guitar Hero players out there?


Stress reflief

Dear Optimists,

I have a confession to make.

I love gaming. Not just board games (who doesn’t enjoy board games!?), but also computer games, Xbox games, Kinect, and of course, the games on my beloved iPhone (yes, I’m namedropping brands – Xbox, Kinect and Apple, please get in touch – we could work something out!).

It’s no secret that I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation. I haven’t been talking about anything else for the past… forever. However, this gives me a lot of time to play games on the before mentioned mobile.

Since all my braincells belong to my thesis these days, I’m going for the more subtle games that I can unwind to. Like Bubbleshooter. How I love hate love that game.

Yesterday I wrote and finished a whole chapter, but I also beat my own (and a friend’s) score in Bubbleshooter. You decide which made me prouder. Here’s a hint:

I read somewhere that women that play online games actually suffer from less stress than women that don’t. There we have my excuse for playing silly games!

Soo… what are you playing these days?