Dear Optimists,

Have you ever noticed your own reaction when you’ve seen a good movie? You can feel yourself changing into a better person, you’ve got all this energy you can’t wait to use, and you feel overly excited?

I got that feeling when I saw Eat Pray Love for the first time. It really changed me into something better; I wanted to travel, to live, to become a munk, and eat lots of gelati in Italy. I said to myself:

After I saw Fame, Step It Up 3DHoney, and every freaking dance movie existing – I was like:

Every week, after watching Californication on Showtime, I turn into an upcoming author:

Unfortunately, I always end up like this:

What movie’s changed you recently?



Migraine madness

Dear Optimists,

The other night I came across a wonderful online cartoon-blog. Like me, this cartoonist suffer from migraines. As she puts it, migraines are like headaches, except they make you want to die.

Migraines makes you hypersensitive about all sounds, moves, light, everything. Your senses are heightened to the max.

Whenever this happens, I transform into a drooling zombie with ninja abilities:


True story.