Pillow and Blanket Fort, Anyone?

Dear Optimists,

How are you dealing with the stress that everyone is feeling right now?

We have always built pillow and blanket forts, but these days they’re a bit different. It’s kind of a kindergarten for Baldur, a place for Alda to study and read – and it doubles as my work space! All at once. Can you imagine working inside a pillow fort? It’s AMAZING.

Untitled-Artwork-2 copy 2.png

Often we’ll listen to audio books while cozying up under the blankets – both stories and educational books, of course.

A blanket fort is a great example of how you can be together with your kids, enjoy yourself (because who doesn’t love a fort!?) and make your boss happy because you get your work done. All in the comfort of a giant, fluffy pile of pillows and blankets.

Life hack, you know.


Nadia and Den


Bear Hunting

Dear Optimists,

This week, my neighborhood is doing something nice for the kids.

People are putting teddy bears in the windows. Why, you may ask?

Well, with all that has happened, people are walking around the neighborhood much more. We walk during breaks, or on nice days, or just to get our kids (or ourselves) out to move around a bit.

Untitled-Artwork 2.png

Someone had the brilliant idea to start a trend; put a bear in a window that can be viewed from the street…then take the kids out to look for the teddy bears.

It’s called a BEAR HUNT! And it’s fantastic.


Den and Nadia

P.S. Nadia says in Denmark they are doing something similar with rainbows. Is anything like this happening where you live? Let us know in the comments!

Everyone is Nicer

Dear Optimists,
Is it just me, or are you noticing everyone is a little bit nicer these days? Is that everywhere or just where I live?
Yes, there’s a pandemic. But humanity is being so much more…human.
I’m raking the yard. A stranger walking by says hi.
A lady is pushing her son on a cart, and they both wave. My daughter has a conversation with them from across the street. Next thing we know, we have a play date “when this whole thing is finally over.”Untitled-Artwork 1.png
I take the kiddo for a walk. Everyone we pass asks how we are and if things are good. Some even ask if we need anything.
All from six feet away.
Is it possible we needed to get farther to become closer?
Den & Nadia
P.S. Let us know if people seem nicer where you are! Tell us stories in the comments.