HAPPY 11-11-11! At 11:11 today make the ultimate wish! Anyway…now for the post…

Dear Optimists,

People always ask if animals have souls and debate over it. I’m not really an animal person (never liked dogs or cats…turtles are cool though so long as they’re ninjas) but I have to say I think they do.

I had a cat (don’t ever give someone a cat as a housewarming gift when they didn’t ask for one!) and as mean as she was, she always suddenly became cute and cuddly when I was sad. I always hear that dogs can do that, too. I’m not sure if this means they have a soul or not, but it makes me lean more towards yes than no.

Plus, who hasn’t seen that video of the dog that was hurt on a highway and the other dog runs out into traffic and slowly, carefully drags the hurt one off the road and to safety?

This has been a pointless post…