And the winner is…

Dear Optimists,

We have picked a winner! This time we had some help from the website, and the winner is comment no. 10!

To be perfectly honest, I (Nadia) happened to win quite a few times myself since I commented a thoussand times… so after subtracting my comments the winner happened to be:

Congratulations Carolynn! It may not be such a surprise for her since we’ve already sent her an email about it earlier.

To the rest of our optimistic readers, we’re so sorry we couldn’t pick every single one of you! But, don’t worry! We’ve got a plan! Nadia is now open for commissioned work and we’re planning on setting up a shop for the old, original drawings.

So keep your eyes and ears open, and maybe YOU can be the owner of an original Dear Optimists drawing! Uuuuuuh…!

Den & Nadia.


Migraine madness

Dear Optimists,

The other night I came across a wonderful online cartoon-blog. Like me, this cartoonist suffer from migraines. As she puts it, migraines are like headaches, except they make you want to die.

Migraines makes you hypersensitive about all sounds, moves, light, everything. Your senses are heightened to the max.

Whenever this happens, I transform into a drooling zombie with ninja abilities:


True story.