Trick your mind into happiness

Dear Optimists,

On bad days it’s hard to find the face that suits your mood.

Some walk around showing their exact emotions, tainting others with their negativity. Others put on a fake smile and no one will ever know what exactly they feel.

Obviously, it’s important not to hide your true feelings – if you’re feeling blue; you’re “allowed” to display it.

At the same time, it’s tough to be around really negative people that can’t see anything optimistic about a dandelion growing on the side of the motorway (as a certain someone).

Studies have shown that not only will a smile affect others around you; it’ll also affect your own mood! Simply put: you trick the brain into believing you’re actually happy!

So, on a gloomy day, wouldn’t it be better to just smile and laugh about how easy it is to bluff your own brain?

Give us a smile in the comments!


PS. Big thanks to everybody who gave me great advice when I was feeling low.

Autumn cleaning

Dear Optimists,

I’m just popping in to say hi! For some reason or another I started cleaning this morning (in Denmark it’s almost 2 in the afternoon).

The thing is, when I start cleaning I better not stop until I’m done. If I do, my mind will trick me into believing I’m finished when I’m really not:

That sort of thing.

D’oh. I think I stayed too long…