Big spender

Dear Optimists,

I’ve been waiting for forever. Or so it seems.
For one, I needed the money before I could get it. When I finally had the money, it was impossible to figure out where to get it. And now, after spending weeks on a waiting list, I’ve bought it!

Nope, I’m not getting new titties or having anything done, silly. I bought myself an 64gb iPhone 4s. My 32gb 3gs simply doesn’t cut it anymore, and I can’t wait to get acquainted with Siri.

All I can do now is to wait for the postman to arrive with my package. Tomorrow, they say. But to make sure that I hear them knocking, I know where I’m staying!

Karma’s been a bitch, though. She heard that I wasn’t too fond of my phone, so I lost it on the train this morning. Tomorrow can’t come quick enough!