Back in the game – sort of

Dear Optimists,

First of all, thank you for all the get-well wishes, the hugs and kisses. I hope I didn’t transmit a virtual cold or something to you.

But Jesus Christ, have I been ill. It’s like I caught everything possible. It started with a cold in the ears (seriously, that’s a thing… I expected my ears to sneeze or something interesting), then migraine, regular cold and ended with the flu.

People tend to do the weirdest stuff when they’re ill, don’t they? The days that should’ve been spend writing my dissertation I ended up hugging the toilet. I quickly figured out that tiles are very uncomfortable to lie on (surprise!), and ended up getting intimate with a bucket on the sofa under the covers instead. Buckets are way more comfy to rest your head on when you fall asleep…Luckily, I had my boyfriend to take care of me, Mum was there when he was working, and close friends were ringing me every now and then to check up on me. I was on the verge of dying.

The fever is now gone and I’m starting to feel better. Or so I thought. When I looked myself in the mirror this morning, I saw this:

My face looks like a water balloon and I have a cronic duck face (like the ones you see on 14 years old girls on Facebook) – I laugh everytime I come near a mirror. I’m actually smiling on that picture, can’t you tell?

I can’t be the only pathetic, frail sick person out there, am I?