Guest Post: Sports Vs. Laziness

Dear Optimists,

I love sports but I’m lazy. One of my favorites is Badminton. But I’m not so good at it.
It was my good luck that I always play doubles and that the BEST player among my friends was always my partner.
I have no strength to hit the ball, so I can’t stay in the back. They said that I’m good at netting (playing in the front), so I always stand at the front. My partner ends up running all over the place to hit the ball.
One day, I fell down, and my partner looked surprised and said “Yulia, you only stand and don’t  need to run, yet you still fall down.”
I was just standing at the front and when I walked, I stumbled.
We all laughed. But it didn’t stop me; playing badminton must go on 🙂

At least I still can do netting well and always win the game 😀

Yulia of the My Life as a Rainbow

Running for happiness

Dear Optimists,

After reading Tuesday’s Fresh Air I may come across being rather lazy. Well, I am.
But in order to gain a more positive outlook on my everyday life, I knew I had to do something.

So I started running.

I’ve always hated running, running’s only goal seems to be to get back to where you started. Back when I was younger I used to run a lot, but only because I needed the exercise – I used to play badminton on a high level.

Getting your pulse up and running will not only get you healthier, but it will always make the endorphins and adrenalin pump through your veins. endorphins are known to make you happy, right? And happy is our goal here!

So what that I’ve only been running for a week? So what that I’ve only run twice? So what that it was last weekend, and I haven’t been running ever since? The most important thing is that I did it! Maybe you should do it too? Or do you get your adrenalin kick from something else?