Thank You! (This is not a guest post)

Dear Optimists,

Awards are so nice, aren’t they? And we wanted to thank everyone for the awards that have been bestowed upon our little blog. It’s so kind and thoughtful of everyone to think of us as award-winners.

That being said, we aren’t really show offs. It’s fun getting them, but we don’t feel the need to post them. As optimists, we want millions to read our blog, but we would never show off if our numbers were that high. And the two of us feel that some of these awards are created for the wrong reasons and ruin it for the rest, so we just choose to accept, smile, and say thank you.

Again, thank you so much and we love that so many people nominate us. We feel so loved and special when we receive such nice thoughts. We appreciate the many comments, emails and other pleasant correspondences with our readers and love every single one of you.



Den and Nadia