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Waiting for Spring

Dear Optimists,

Even though I love Autumn, and adore the icecold Winter Wonderland we’ve been experiencing here in Denmark; I can’t wait for Spring.

It’s gorgeous to see everything starting to bloom, wonderful to breathe in the smell of Spring time, and to look at all the different animals and bugs that wake up and come out to play.

Except for one bug, of course.

I’m so scared of butterflies that my drawing lines become thicker!

So, Optimists, what animal/bug is your least favourite?


P.S. You have no idea how long it took me to draw up that scary thing! What I don’t do for you, dear Optimists.


Autumn cleaning

Dear Optimists,

I’m just popping in to say hi! For some reason or another I started cleaning this morning (in Denmark it’s almost 2 in the afternoon).

The thing is, when I start cleaning I better not stop until I’m done. If I do, my mind will trick me into believing I’m finished when I’m really not:

That sort of thing.

D’oh. I think I stayed too long…


Sunday Extreme

Dear Optimists,

My Sundays are very different from Den’s, at least yesterday was. Who spend a whole day cooking?

See, yesterday was very sunny here in Denmark. It was even warmer than any other day in October (not really). Nature’s colours were breathtaking. The farm animals were out and about in the fields, letting the warmth from the sun suffuse their bodies. People were walking in the streets with a blissful smirk on their faces. Everything was pure happiness.

Did my boyfriend pursuade me outside for a walk again, you might ask? No way, Jose – he didn’t.

Because, yesterday, I experienced all of this first hand from the back of a motorcycle.


How was your Sunday, dear Optimists?


It’s Fall Here! (No, not really…)

Dear Optimists,

I don’t know about all of you, but I am eternally in love with Fall, even though it has that horrible back to school feeling. I get tired of hiding in air conditioning. I miss gentle breezes and outdoor noises, sleeping with the windows open instead of in the AC, stuff like that. So needless to say, I long for Autumn as summer winds down. Well, today I got a little taste of it. Even though it’s only August, we had one of those mornings where you kind of need a hoodie, a morning I expect from September, not August.

How did I celebrate? With a cup of hot Rooibos Coconut Tea (which I highly recommend) with a little milk.