Stress reflief

Dear Optimists,

I have a confession to make.

I love gaming. Not just board games (who doesn’t enjoy board games!?), but also computer games, Xbox games, Kinect, and of course, the games on my beloved iPhone (yes, I’m namedropping brands – Xbox, Kinect and Apple, please get in touch – we could work something out!).

It’s no secret that I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation. I haven’t been talking about anything else for the past… forever. However, this gives me a lot of time to play games on the before mentioned mobile.

Since all my braincells belong to my thesis these days, I’m going for the more subtle games that I can unwind to. Like Bubbleshooter. How I love hate love that game.

Yesterday I wrote and finished a whole chapter, but I also beat my own (and a friend’s) score in Bubbleshooter. You decide which made me prouder. Here’s a hint:

I read somewhere that women that play online games actually suffer from less stress than women that don’t. There we have my excuse for playing silly games!

Soo… what are you playing these days?


Siri – ously?

Dear Optimists,

If you’re at all like me, you’ve been wanting an iPhone for a while now. Well guess what…I got mine last weekend! Huzzah! I’m a big Apple fan and always have been. I’ve never actually owned a PC, even going back to childhood.

So I picked up my new phone and was SO EXCITED. I got in the car and wanted to call my girlfriend to tell her I got it. So I search contacts, find her, and…can’t figure out what to do to actually CALL her. I was lost! Sure, it was my first touchscreen phone, but I didn’t imagine it would be difficult. So I sat there staring until suddenly, without warning…the phone talked to me.

Siri: Looks like you’re having trouble. Need help?
Me: Uh…yes. I want to call my girlfriend.
Siri: Do you want to call her at work or on her mobile?

I was shocked…seriously?

Me: Mobile, please.

Siriously…(pun intended) it was that easy. Siri is the coolest thing ever. My new goal is to figure out a way to make her curse.

And yes, I eventually figured out how to make calls.