Ebook Poll

Nadia and Den are doing some research and need input from our readers.


7 responses to “Ebook Poll

  1. I own a Kindle Touch. Love it. =D

    Personally found that reading on a LCD screen for a prolonged period is straining to the eye.

  2. I have a Kobo touch and it’s awesome. Why is it not on your list?


  3. Hey, there needs to be an option of “I don’t have an eBook” for those who don’t think ebooks are the devil! =P

  4. E-Books really are the devil…AND I don’t just say that b/c I’m an English Literature student… (undergrad and MA) IT IS THE TRUTH. Books do something for our souls. When you turn the last pg of that book…that you’ve been immersed in for a week-or two-or a month there is no satisfaction like knowing you’ve accomplished it, experienced something, and can look back at that book on your shelf. PLUS, who doesn’t creep new friends/family members book shelves to see what type of person they are?

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