Winners of the Skype Chat!

Dear Optimists,

Saturday Surprise! I was pretty surprised myself at how many people wanted to Skype with me! It’s nice that people think I’m interesting…I sure hope I can live up to the expectations. Maybe I should have a list of stuff to talk about just in case…

Anyway, I used an App similar to what Nadia did to generate random numbers. I decided I would allow two winners, but honestly, anyone else who really wanted to have a Skype chat with me can email me and I’ll do it…I’m a talker…I love chatting with people. Even those I don’t know. I end up talking to cashiers, waitresses and other people all of the time.

Anyway, the winners are Cafe 23 and Stacie Chadwick! But like I said, don’t be sad…contact me and we’ll figure out something.




3 responses to “Winners of the Skype Chat!

  1. YAAAAAAAAY! I couldn’t believe it when I got your email Den, I never win anything!! Woohoo!
    I shall be replying soon 🙂

  2. I love talking too…that is the reason why my skype is on all day long… =)

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