A little piece of Heaven

Dear Optimists,

The postman came! My boyfriend slept on the couch to make sure that he heard him knock on our door while I was at the university. He volunteered. I swear!

When I arrived home I hurried to open the package. That was when I noticed the plastic screen protector-thingy.

What was even more fantastic was the fact that there was one on the front and one on the back.

Sometimes I scare myself. But it’s the smaller things in life that counts, right?


PS. I’m still waiting for my SIM card, which means I can’t use this little piece of Heaven…


Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

19 thoughts on “A little piece of Heaven”

  1. Screen protectors are awesome! The last drawing freaked me out a little bit..But was still funny nonetheless ^_^;

    Glad you got your iPhone. Just a little more patience for the SIM card and you’ll be in complete Heaven ^^

    1. They are absolutely wonderful! I can see why, it *is* a scary face. It’s a typical meme face (google ‘meme sweet jesus’).

      I. Got. It. TODAY! I can’t let go of my phone now!

  2. I LOVE peeling off those protective covers. It drives me nuts, though, when you go to someone’s house and they still have them on everything. I have been known to peel them off myself when no one’s looking.

    1. It’s freaking amazing! People that keep those on are insane – good job making the world a more livable place!

      1. ESPECIALLY because there’s this extra 1/2 cm snippet on them – on iPhones anyway. It’s MEANT to be pulled off, crazy people!

  3. If I was you I would have let the protection cover stay. Cos this protection cover is the main reason that my iPhone 4 never had any cracks on the screen. I bought this protection cover. You got it free. Should have let it be on iPhone.
    🙂 more rage faces in your drawing please! Loooooved it!! 😀

    1. Nah. There’s a BIG difference from the ones that are on and the ones you buy. These have a 0,5 cm snippet at the end and they are a lot thicker than the one you bought 🙂
      More rage faces on the way! 😉

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