Guest Post Wednesday: Everything’s gonna be alright

Dear Optimists,

Today wasn’t such a great day. I found myself worried about money and my studies, plus it was cold outside; you know the kind of day.

But then I decided that I was gonna get my chin up and enjoy the rest of the day (even though it was hailing – in the middle of our Summer!?), so I put on some happy tunes. Before I knew of it I was dancing around my room! Like an idiot!

But you know what? Now I’m smiling and ended up having a good day!

With a song called Everything’s Gonna Be Alright playing on loop and no-one to laugh at me, why wouldn’t I be?

Enjoy the smaller things and keep smiling and dancing!



6 responses to “Guest Post Wednesday: Everything’s gonna be alright

  1. I totally agree with your guest blogger. Enjoying the smaller things will definitely keep you smilling.


  2. The butterfly effect right? 🙂 Little deeds are enough, little smiles are endlessly contagious…

  3. On days like that, I always listen to Bob Marley. He usually gets me up and dancing too. 🙂

  4. It’s always good to have those moments.

    Never let anything get you down and always keep smiling =]

  5. Hear hear, Julie! I was feeling blue for the exact same reasons the other day, so I listened to “The Rainbow Connection” and other songs from The Muppets, over and over again. 😉

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