Being one of the cool kids

Dear Optimists,

I was never one of the cool kids growing up. But that changed last week.

Not too long ago, I drew a picture for my friend, Mette of the two of us walking hand in hand with humour between us.

She saved the illustration on her phone, so that every time she picked it up she’d see it. It pleased me that I could make her smile with ease without actually being there or doing anything.

Mette works at an after-school centre. One day the children accidently got a hold of her phone and saw the drawing. Mette told me how they went on and on about how cute and adorable the drawing was for several hours minutes.

Finally, I was one of them! I felt like drawing something for each and every one of them. I felt like this:

(Surprisingly, they liked this drawing better!)

I swear. I’m not coming down from that piedestal!



7 responses to “Being one of the cool kids

  1. Justin Bieber – GO HOME! A new trend has announced it’s arrival. ” The Nadia-trend”. They adored you even more after I showed them the “pedestal drawing”.
    Face it .. You’re an idol .. 😉

    – Mette

  2. I agree with the kids. You and your 3 hairs are amazing. 😉 xo

  3. Your illustrations are great. You deserve all the praise. I am a big fan.


  4. Such you’re not coming down! I love your drawings! You’re so talented Nadia. Keep it up 😀

  5. Who wouldn’t love your drawings! If there is a person out there they don’t know the meaning of true optimism!

    Always be proud Nadia ^__^

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