Peanuts For Sale!

Dear Optimists,

The other day I was walking down the street and this guy was carrying these giant bundles, one in each hand. From afar I recognized the sheer size of the bags and that they were a yellow meshy material, but as he got closer I saw that each bag contained nine smaller plastic bags of peanuts.

“What, do you have an elephant as a pet or something?” I joked.

He gave me a dirty look. Some people have NO Sense of humor.



Author: den

More often than not, people wonder what I'm up to. I'm a people watcher, and love to tell a stranger's story, as I see it. If you see me reading or writing in a coffee shop, there's a good chance I'm making up a story about you at that moment. I'm a visual person who loves finding inspiration in my surroundings, and believe that sometimes the smallest detail can tell the majority of the story, if you have the sense to recognize it.

12 thoughts on “Peanuts For Sale!”

  1. Maybe you misinterpreted his look, and it was more a look that said “Don’t I know it? Can they ever get enough darn peanuts?” A look crying for sympathy rather than a dirty look.

    Love the raised eyebrow!

  2. Haha! Who would be offended by that question? Who WOULDN’T laugh at that?? Pfft…some people.

    You can rest assured that at least DO readers have a sense of humour, Den. 😉

  3. He probably heard that joke a millionty times, or he didn’t speak English!
    Or he was taking those peanuts to his wife, which you just called an elephant.

    Most likely the latter…oh that would suck: the part were you have a wife that demands loads of peanuts I mean.

    Scratch that, it would still be hilarious…he definitely didn’t speak English.

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