Optimistic rocker

Dear Optimists,

My hands hurt. Also my wrists.

You might think “Girl, what have you been up to?!?” Worry not – it’s not from bar fights, shady ‘after-midnight fooling around’, or extreme exercising (read: masturbation). I’ve just been GAMING.

And damn have I been gaming. I’ve been playing so much that I completed one game of Guitar Hero and am now half-way through another one. Seriously though, I only spend around a zillion hours a day…I don’t have a problem. I’m simply a rockstar – we don’t take account of silly things like time – pff.

I also can’t wait to get Batman – Arkham Asylum and the other games my boyfriend ordered for us the other day. Man do I love breaks from school!

Any other Guitar Hero players out there?


Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

13 thoughts on “Optimistic rocker”

  1. I haven’t played that with my boyfriend in a long time! I know how you feel with the hand cramps, but it never stops you playing it still. You should try Lego Rock Band, that’s quite awesome, and singing in the mic to the songs is cool (and much easier to do than in Guitar Hero!) :p

    Enjoy Batman: Arkham Asylum when you get it. The graphics on there is amazing ^___^

    1. Exactly! Hand cramps doesn’t make you stop; it only makes you try harder!
      Even though the whole Lego theme speaks to me, I’m not very fond of Rock Band. I’ve tried Beatles Rock Band and even though I’m a huge fan (of the Beatles), it didn’t appeal to me one bit.

      I. can’t. WAIT!! *sits by the door and waits for the postman*

  2. Hahaha I love the expression on your (cartooon) face! I was just playing last weekend! It’s quite addictive =P

    Btw, I was wondering if you/Den would be willing to participate in an upcoming blog post of mine. I’m just asking a few bloggers if they could give me a 3-5 sentence (could be shorter or longer really) response to the question: Why do you blog? I’d quote you of course and put a link to your blog. Would you be interested? If so, I’d also ask what category you feel your blog falls into. Thanks so much for considering!

    – Cafe

    1. That’s EXACTLY what I look like when playing! I should take a pic so you guys could see, but the drawing really do me justice!

      Thank you so much for considering us! We’re honoured. I’ll have a quick chat with Den and get back to you as soon as possible! 🙂

      1. Hahaha so funny =P

        Oh, no need to thank me. I love you guys!! Thanks for talking to Den about it. You can either reply right here if it’s easier or shoot me an email: soojung.23@hotmail.com.

        Thanks so much!

  3. I have played Guitar Hero only once. I was at a friend’s place and he is, putting it lightly, freaking obsessed with it. He’s played it so often, that it was no surprise that he won.

    Of course, what WAS surprising was that he kicked my ass thoroughly in a game in which he got up, left the room, used his elbow to check a message on his phone in his bedroom and then returned, playing perfectly the entire time. Meanwhile I sat inches from the screen, swearing at my ill-timing.

    …Show-off. :/

    1. WHAT A SHOW-OFF! :O But I absolutely love the fact that he went into another room while playing. It’s very impressive, even though I can’t help but poud a little 😉

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