Bathroom Awkwardness (Part Deux)

Dear Optimists,

More bathroom awkwardness? Darn straight!

This weekend the fiancee and I headed out to dinner to use a gift card someone gave her for Christmas. I excused myself to use the restroom (AKA said “I have to pee”) and went.

I go in, prepare myself to use the urinal, when a man at the other urinal RIPS a fart. Then another. And these weren’t quiet…these were loud, you-better-check-your-shorts, farts!

I finished up quickly and left. I sat back down at the table and filled her in on the adventure.
“I don’t know anyone else who has such odd bathroom trips,” she told me.



11 responses to “Bathroom Awkwardness (Part Deux)

  1. Haha, oh dear. I’m surprised the guy himself wasn’t embarrassed and just stood there continuing with his business.

    Love the expression Nadia put ^_^

  2. I love BOTH expressions she put! Such subtle things she does in these drawings, but they are so meaningful and change the whole image! Isn’t she amazing?

    • Definitely. The first makes me think that you are trying to act posh even though you’re saying something so blunt (with your fiance almost feeling awkward with what you said) and the other illustration expresses: “seriously?!” or something in those lines.

      But the pair of you together is what makes your works as awesome as they are!

  3. Haha! What?? Who does that?! Poor Den…always having crazy things happen. Even in the washroom. 🙂

  4. Yeah, sorry about that. The tartare sauce was being particularly rambunctious that night.

  5. gosh that would be embarrassing.. hahaha!!but does it smell?? good thing if it isn’t.. haha!

  6. LOL she’s totally right 😛 funny toilet adventures… haha!

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