Train Rides

Dear Optimists,

The other day I wrote a short story based on true events that I wanted to share with you. I was on the train on the way to work when I noticed that in the seat in front of me, a girl in a fluffy white hat had her head on the guy’s shoulder. I wondered if they knew each other or if this was one of those awkward times someone fell asleep on a stranger.

When the speakers crackled the Suburban stop, he nudged her lovingly, her head lifted, she rubbed her eyes and stood. Before she walked away, she leaned over, kissed him and said “I love you.”

There was something so cute about the moment I wanted to share. How many couples get to commute to work and yet still totally love it? Adorable.




5 responses to “Train Rides

  1. Awww! I love your illustrations so much 🙂 … I just recently caught the comic bug, but my comics are nowhere near as nice as yours!

    This post made me smile 😀

  2. Aw thanks! Nadia does the artwork 🙂

  3. You know what would be awesome? If that couple happened to stumble across this blog and think… “Is he talking about us?” 😉

  4. Aww the sweetest moment I’ve ever read!

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