Lovely Memories

Dear Optimists,

We always need to take a moment to recognize the special people in our lives. For me, one of the many is my aunt. The number of excellent memories I have thanks to her are astounding. As a kid, she would bring me to the mall once or twice a month just for fun. I always picked out a Smurf from the store, which made me the envy of every kid in the second grade. I had more Smurfs than anyone! She was the cool aunt who took us out for our birthday and let us pick ANYTHING we wanted in the store (with a price limit, of course!)

I would spend an hour in the comic shop, carefully planning up to the limit. Or in the Lego aisle in Kiddie City. It was awesome. And the best part? She let us keep the present that day! My mom would try to deny that and make us wait for our birthday, but my aunt wasn’t having it.

Last night, the same aunt took the fiancee and I out to dinner and it was just like old times. I reminded her of the many memories I had of similar situations and she smiled. She was so glad that I remembered so many of the wonderful things she did for me. And she was quite generous with us last night as well.

And where did we end up? In the Lego store buying one of the Christmas sets for under our tree, a tradition the fiancee and I are starting. Instead of a little village to go with the vintage train set I have, we’re creating a Lego Christmas scene.




8 responses to “Lovely Memories

  1. We are crazy for legos in our house. What a great aunt and new tradition for your bride and you.


  2. I love Smurfs and Lego!! 😀 *going back into childhood*…

  3. Hahahahaha! This is brilliant in so many ways!

    (And I love little Den’s missing tooth!) 😉

  4. I have an aunt like that and she STILL buys me stuff. I’m old. She’s cool. And now I have an nephew and I want to be just like her.

  5. Searching for the Light

    You have expressed your fondness for Lego more than once in your blog so I thought you might like this video.

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