Stress reflief

Dear Optimists,

I have a confession to make.

I love gaming. Not just board games (who doesn’t enjoy board games!?), but also computer games, Xbox games, Kinect, and of course, the games on my beloved iPhone (yes, I’m namedropping brands – Xbox, Kinect and Apple, please get in touch – we could work something out!).

It’s no secret that I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation. I haven’t been talking about anything else for the past… forever. However, this gives me a lot of time to play games on the before mentioned mobile.

Since all my braincells belong to my thesis these days, I’m going for the more subtle games that I can unwind to. Like Bubbleshooter. How I love hate love that game.

Yesterday I wrote and finished a whole chapter, but I also beat my own (and a friend’s) score in Bubbleshooter. You decide which made me prouder. Here’s a hint:

I read somewhere that women that play online games actually suffer from less stress than women that don’t. There we have my excuse for playing silly games!

Soo… what are you playing these days?


Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

22 thoughts on “Stress reflief”

  1. It gives me a boost to know that there a people out there working on their thesis and actually finishing chapters (well done!) who also procrastinate a little (also a well done on that high score!) – there must still be hope for me and my thesis…
    In the hopes of being more efficient I cut games out of my life for a while, but I can see that I might have to bring them back as stress relief – and to get a sense of success 🙂
    The only thing I accomplished is that I now read way more blogs than I did before 🙂

    1. Cheers, Louise! I was considering cutting out all the gaming (and the tv-shows… *cough*), but obviously, it didn’t work. Plus, I’m reading more blogs now, too. Aaargh!
      I’ve finished yet another chapter today – I have no idea how I came about it.

      If I can do it, so can you! I’m the Queen of Procrastination!

  2. I am currently hooked on Angry Birds, though not sure it a stress reliever as I keep getting stuck on levels and find it so frustrating. My eldest actually downloaded a word search game for me telling me in a way only teenagers can that it was much more suited to my age, intellect and temperament.

    There is nothing in the world like procrastination, when I was studying (back in the darks days when PCs and mobile were the dreams of science fiction writers) I had probably had the cleanest house on the planet.

    Good luck with the dissertation (and the gaming!)

    1. Ha ha, that’s so awesome! My boyfriend plays a lot of Angry Birds, too – Hell, everybody seems to! – but not me. I. Can’t. Figure. It. Out! But your teen is hilarious 😀
      I wish I could switch my gaming with cleaning. That would be wonderful.

      Thanks! 🙂

  3. I hear you, girl! I LOVE my xbox. I’m getting it back from repair today, actually, which is not good timing at all – I’m also writing a big paper.

    1. Mother of God, you are doomed!
      I think I’m gonna treat myself a new game for the xbox at the end of my exams (late January)… No, I’m definitely going to!

      What’s your topic?

    1. Ha ha, obviously! I’m finding it very difficult to use a Wii (except Mario Kart), but be careful presenting ideas like this – I might knock on your door someday for a game or two!

      Wait. You want that. I knew it!

  4. I play bowling, tennis, etc. and Super Mario Bros. on my Wii. It’s awesome. Those are the only games that I can play that don’t stress me out…whenever I play Halo (which I love), I always seem to get so stressed that I almost jump into the screen trying to shoot everything. I walk away more stressed than when I first started playing.

    So, I do all of the fun games on my Wii and just ping-pong my stress away. 😉

    1. Reading the first couple of words I was like “bloody hell, Christy’s active – shame on you, Nadia!” – thank god I kept reading! You’re as mortal as me (you look so fabulous in your avatar that I actually believe you’re a teeny bit more superior than the rest of us…)
      But it’s true. Those mindless games are magnificent for winding down, whereas strategy games would absolutely kill me these days!

      Are Wii really *that* much better…?

  5. Mario Party, and Mario Kart/Cart? Are still my FAVOURITE. It’s not a one on one which is AWESOME and brings friends together. YES I am 23 haha BUT who cares. Those are the best!

    1. They really are! Gaming in general is absolutely magnificent. I wish I could go pro or something.

      Professional Mario Kart’er.

      Yes, sounds good to me!

  6. OMG! Is that why I often get stressed?! 😉 :PI have no patience at all when it comes to games. I can’t tolerate playing the same game, the same level over and over. However, I love playing classic games every now and then; Spider solitair is my favorite! 🙂

    1. MAY JUST BE! Well, I guess you relax when playing those classic games, eh? But I definitely understand the dilemma playing the same level over and over again – that can be quite annoying…

  7. It has to be adventure games. Loved them when I was writing my final paper for my studies (Space Quest, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island). Now, years later, I still play them (Eschalon, Monkey Island in 3d). If you love lots of humour and puzzles, play Monkey Island, it’s hilarious! O yes, I am sure you’ll finish your thesis, keep up the good work!

  8. Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – beats the classic joys of an old Nintendo 64! Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, Yoshi, Zelda: Ocarina of Time – now THAT is a great weekend. 😉

    1. Super Mario 64 *drools*

      I’m actually going to treat myself with a new game after handing in my thesis. Can’t wait!

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