Rain Rain, Don’t Go Away

Dear Optimists,

I woke up today to find a rainy morning. Most people don’t enjoy the rain, but I LOVE it! There’s something nice about getting wrapped up in a blanket on a rainy day and watching a movie, or reading a book, playing a game, even if it’s video games!

I love the rain. The smell of it hitting the hot road in mid-summer, the sounds it makes when the windows are open, there’s something so relaxing, so calming about it. I even love the gray look it gives the day and how the world looks so different without our old friend, the sun.

What do you do on a rainy day?



11 responses to “Rain Rain, Don’t Go Away

  1. On a weekday where it means traffic congestion everywhere?
    I curse like The Count in that video. xD

  2. “Most people don’t enjoy the rain”?!! How dare anyone “not-enjoy” it?!!

  3. id do the same as in your post if i didnt have class! lol,,,great post btw

  4. I like the rain too. Especially when it’s night time and when going to bed you hear the lovely sound it makes ^__^
    Oh, and when it stops, I tend to go outside and see the pretty droplets on leaves.

    It’s raining over here right now actually πŸ™‚

  5. I love rainy season. I have this conclusion that it washes away the pollution.

    I love the smell, and I totally agree with you Den! I love either cuddling with my beloved beneath the warm balnket, or sipping hot chocolate while in my jammies!

    I love the weather how it sends out hugs to be warm and just hug. It definitely defies the blanket and the hot chocolate.

    awww….. I love that it rained today.

  6. Rain often inspires me to write πŸ™‚ years ago one a rainy day I had made up a short story on vampire β™₯ human… and I’ve kept it.

  7. Rain always makes everything smell and feel so fresh – lovely!

    The exception is when it rains for forty days and forty nights, as it feels likes it has been doing here in my hometown. I’m in Australia – where is my summer?!

    (But I love the picture in your room.) πŸ˜‰

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