Engagement? Engagement!

Dear Optimists,

So it was Thanksgiving part two, my girlfriend and I were at the shore for Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and everything was going well. We had a great time, my whole immediate family came, and my uncle showed up out of the blue and ate with us. Good times.

My girlfriend asked if, after dinner, we could do a walk on the beach. It was about 66 degrees (19 C) that evening, which is oddly warm for this time of year. We brought her iPad so we could stargaze and actually know the constellations we were looking at. We even saw Jupiter! It was beautiful.

So then we started with a walk and chatted, the sound of the ocean soundtracking our evening.

I started. “What a perfect weekend, huh? We got to have Thanksgiving dinner with both of our families, plus got to have two turkey dinners!”

“It couldn’t have been more perfect,” she said.

I stopped walked. “Actually, I think there is one way it could be more perfect…” and I pulled out the ring. Her eyes widened and she started shaking her head.

“Bastard!” she said to me with a huge smile. “Seriously?”

“Will you marry me?”


And we kissed.

Then we walked to the boardwalk and I slipped the ring on her finger. She’s a bit clumsy and I was afraid to put it on where it could fall into the oblivion of sand. And no, I did not get down on one knee, pretty much for the same reason; I was afraid I would fumble and drop the ring.

So now I’m engaged.




Author: den

More often than not, people wonder what I'm up to. I'm a people watcher, and love to tell a stranger's story, as I see it. If you see me reading or writing in a coffee shop, there's a good chance I'm making up a story about you at that moment. I'm a visual person who loves finding inspiration in my surroundings, and believe that sometimes the smallest detail can tell the majority of the story, if you have the sense to recognize it.

51 thoughts on “Engagement? Engagement!”

      1. nah. thank you for sharing you optimism to us! πŸ˜€ it’s just so nice reading all your posts πŸ˜€ congratulations again to you and your girl πŸ™‚

    1. Agreed! I didn’t want to do a Christmas proposal…and hey, I am so thankful for such a wonderful gal, I figured Thanksgiving was perfect!

  1. Yay! Congratulations to you and your fiancee. Very exciting! And I love that she called you a bastard!
    Enjoy being engaged – you don’t have to start with the wedding planning just yet (unless you’re hoping for a Christmas wedding)!

  2. Again, for the millionth time, congratulations you two. I’m so happy for you guys! I’ve been waiting with anticipation!! ❀

  3. Huge congratulations from Copenhagen too ..
    What a perfect Thanksgiving and … spring time is the MOST perfect time to get married. Perfect Thanksgiving 2011 and a wonderful year of 2012 awaiting ahead.

    Hybel (pronounced Hi-bel)

  4. Congratulations Den! Can’t imagine anything as lovely as a beautiful, starry night to get engaged. A wonderful way to have this year ending for you both ^__^

    The very best of luck with the wedding plans!

  5. OH MY GAWWWD!!!! How exciting!!! Sooo happy for you! I got engaged at the beginning of November. Its such an awesome feeling. I catch my breath now every time i say boyfriend because its now fiance!! Sooo happy for you Den!!! yey!
    B xx

  6. Awwwwwww….. Congratulations Den! I would love to have that kind of proposal as well. Just the two of us and the beautiful stars and moon and the sky, and the reflection of those beauties on the water…. awwww…

    it’s perfect.

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