Babysitting in the morning

Dear Optimists,

I hope all of you Americans had a fantastic Thanksgiving! One day I’d love to experience a real Thanksgiving… hint, hint…

On with today’s post:

As you may have noticed on our facebook page, I’ve been “baby”sitting my Mum’s dog, Camma. She’s absolutely wonderful. Except in the morning…

She was dead asleep, so I decided to sleep some more. But I’d forgotten something…

My alarm clock…

The positive side of this story? Oh well, she got me out of bed and we went for a long walk for an hour and a half. Thing is, I would’ve slept in if it wasn’t for her.



Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

12 thoughts on “Babysitting in the morning”

    1. You can’t do anything but love them. They are absolutely amazing. If she were all mine and not just every now and then, I would pet her nonstop.

      Have a great weekend yourself 🙂

  1. Aww, if the doggie really looks like that, I want it. But then again I want every doggie I have seen…

    I know how you feel, though. When I’m at my boyfriends his two kitties come up crawling around the bed and mewing for breakfast (and there’s us thinking they should be independent animals!). And they act as if they’re dying and haven’t been fed for days, seriously.

    Hopefully tomorrow you can have a lie in =]

      1. She is, she really is. Even more adorable in real life. Especially because she’s always wearing a bandana ❤ ^^

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