Guest Post Wednesday: Coffee Bliss

Dear Optimists,

Today, my brother and I started our workday quite normally. We were tired and hoping the expensive Starbucks would start kicking in soon.

It was slightly cloudy outside and about midday when a man in a Sparkletts uniform walked into our office (we have a water delivery service through them). He said that they had just teamed up with a coffee company and had an offer for us. Our boss is on vacation, so this sort of decision is left to me!

They had a new service where they would rent a Single-Serve Brewer to us for $5 a month and deliver the coffee for an additional $12. My brother and I snapped out of our working daze and the three of us started discussing what an awesome thing this would be for our office. It’s not limited to just coffee, but comes with teas and hot chocolate as well!

We pictured our impressed clients forgetting about all their troubles while sipping our fine coffee.

My brother pointed out the perfect place for the Brewer while I signed.

Mr. Boss will most likely not share our enthusiasm, but until he gets back it’s coffee glee for the rest of us!

Elizabeth of Currently Processing Negatives.


8 responses to “Guest Post Wednesday: Coffee Bliss

  1. Coffee! ❤ Just tell me where your office is and I might drop by! 😉 😛

  2. I love those illustrations, Nadia! And Den you’ve fixed my poor grammar XD Thank you, guys for using my story.

    I love you guys and am grateful for your blog!

    You guys rock ^-^

    • I’m so happy that you like them! Make a presentation for your boss, include the illustrations and hand him a cop of coffee, and I’m sure he’ll agree that that machine is JUST what you neeeded 😉

      Aww, thanks so much! We love you too!

      (I did the editing, your grammar is not poor – don’t worry :))

  3. I’ve put pinned this post up right next to the coffee machine ;D

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