Video Game Dates

Dear Optimists,

I sometimes think a great date consists of sitting around playing video games. My personal favorite to play with the girlfriend are the Lego games, especially Lego Harry Potter.

Last weekend at a yard sale I got us Mario Kart and a Nerf shooting game – both of which we played this weekend. I warned the girl that I STINK at Mario Kart (no clue why…I just do. I could probably play for days on end in a sad attempt to get better and still suck). I also warned her I usually start yelling at the game in frustration.

It took me about five minutes of playing to start yelling. She found it hilarious. But at least I didn’t throw the controller…I guess I’m growing up.




12 responses to “Video Game Dates

  1. Video game dates are super awesome! Way better than buying someone a lot of expensive food, staring at each other and playing twenty questions.

  2. This is so true! What you said takes me back to when my boyfriend and I first started going out — our dates were highly revolved around the arcades and eventually home video games! And to this day we still do that on our day outings ^o^
    It’s definitely wonderful having a partner who will play video games with you and share the same love for it.

  3. Video game dates are the best!

    I also suck at Mario Kart but am pretty awesome at Halo…go figure. πŸ™‚

  4. I love Mario Kart so much! I think it is the only video game I don’t suck at. I have a friend with two sons who somehow got the impression that I love video games, and they are always begging for me to come downstairs to play – or watch them play – whenever I’m over. The mom has to have talks with them about whether I am coming over to hang out with her or them…

  5. YES.

    Mario Golf is just fantastic! (And Super Smash Brothers! Heck. Yes.)

    • πŸ˜› I’m so easily distracted that I was reading Den’s comment while typing my own, so “Mario KART” became Mario Golf!

      (Thought I think there is actually a Mario Golf games… That Italian plumber has been in EVERYTHING!)

      • Super Smash Brothers is a BLAST! Love it! And I’m glad I distract you! It has to mean my writing is good…I hope πŸ˜‰

  6. aww too bad I can’t relate. except for the Mario Brothers. I love that game.

    what gives me a lot of frustration was the Battle City. Everytime I get dead, and my papa keeps on upgrading and I have to start over with one fire, it gets so frustrating. How come men are so good at it? I miss that game.

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