Happy Halloween! (and a game)

Dear Optimists,

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This is a fun time of year for everyone, especially kids! Oh, who am I kidding, EVERYONE loves to dress up! It’s the one day people can pretend to be something that they aren’t…a ghost, a vampire, a slutty (insert word here). God knows you can see more cleavage on Halloween than anywhere else save a strip club…

I wish they would make costumes that were 100% authentic. Like, if I were to choose to dress as Optimus Prime, not only would I look like him, I could transform into a truck and drive away! Wouldn’t that be the best?

What are you being for Halloween?



P.S. Nadia would like to add a game to today’s post. Here is a drawing of her and her boyfriend…can anyone guess what they’re dressed as?


23 responses to “Happy Halloween! (and a game)

  1. Black Eyed Peas!! That is too cute! Happy Halloween πŸ˜€

  2. No worries! It’s great you figured it out! She’ll be so excited.

  3. LOVE that it’s the Black eyed peas! Very funny. πŸ™‚

    • I’m amazed that you guys are this quick! Seriously – my friends couldn’t see it (well, yes. After I told them…)
      Must mean you guys are more amazing.

  4. Too cute! Den, you could always just drive a semi truck up and then say he is stuck like that…lol

  5. Awwww love it! I was thinking for ages who they could be, then decided to read the comments and was like oooooohhhhhh hahaha!

    Clever thinking! May use this for fancy dress idea one day!

    Much love as always xx

  6. “Love you to Pieces?”
    “Prisoners of Love?”

  7. Aww that’s so cute! Lol the first comment got it ^^ Happy Halloween!!

  8. Hi! I am not sure what the costume of Nadia and her boyfriend. I love the illustrations though. Here is my costume…



  9. My first guess was Pirates… Then I was like they could have put a little more effort into it XP

    Then I scrolled down and was like ohhhhhhhhh πŸ˜€ That’s an excellent costume!!

  10. haha! that’s awesome!

    I was thinking if they are actually like quirky fun walking fonts for halloween! haha!

  11. I was a crazy bat lady then I was bat taxidermist. Nice one, Nadia.

  12. I was going to say… private eyes. That doesn’t really make since though.

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