Guest Post: Kids-eating kitty

Dear Optimists,

It was the day before Thanksgiving 2010. The older adults were preparing tamales. Myself, my little sister, my cousin and my cat Nemo (I brought him since I was staying until Christmas) were assigned watch over the children. Seven children in total: Girl(7rs), 2 Boys(4yrs), Girl(4yrs), girl(3yrs), girl(2yrs), and one harmless sleepy baby boy. You would think three people could handle them but they got into some jealous bouts between the girls, and one boy was extra aggressive. While we three fought to gain control of the five toddlers and one older girl, who let us know very kindly that we were doing everything wrong, Nemo sat on the stairs glaring down at us. One of the kids saw this and, clearly spooked, walked away from him.
I then had an idea.

“Kids! If you do not listen and behave, Nemo will eat you!”

I know some might think this disturbing, but the kids laughed and all agreed to be good, thinking me silly. My cat, on queue, climbed down the stairs and rubbed himself against the most naughty child, the aggressive four year old boy. He looked at me with frightened eyes and declared that he would behave. Nemo did not leave my side the whole day.

The three year old girl began to take everything she could from the others and walk, with all this stuff, to a secluded room. Nemo followed her into the room (as this was the room his food was kept in) unbeknownst to her. I heard a cry echo through the hall and ran to go see what the problem was. Nemo was rubbing his body on her legs and she was yelling that he was trying to eat her. I rescued her saying: “It’s okay, Nickie,” I then said in front of all the children, “Are you going to give the toys back and start behaving?”

“Yesh.” She nodded.

The kids just stared, and the rest of the night went smoothly as I sat back, cat in my lap watching toy story 3 with six well behaved kids.

Mission accomplished. ^-^

Elizabeth of Currently Processing Negatives.


Author: Nadia

BA-student in Philosophy & Science / Communications studies and also a photographer. Co-writer and illustrator for Dear Optimists.

13 thoughts on “Guest Post: Kids-eating kitty”

    1. Cheers!! πŸ˜€
      (I got a bit carried away… I know the kids weren’t afraid, but… I like kids-eating kitties, mwahaha!)

  1. Yay!
    Is it weird that I did a little dance when I saw “Kids-eating Kitty” in my email XD

    That is my favorite illustration of my monster kitty I’ve seen thus far. ^-^

    P.S. That is an accurate depiction of Nikkie whenever Nemo came near her ><

    1. Ha ha! It’s not weird at all, it’s wonderful!
      I know it wasn’t exactly your story – kids running away from big awful kitty – but I couldn’t drop this image. It just wouldn’t go away! Cats are evil – in the most fantastic way!! πŸ˜€

  2. that was very funny! hahaha!

    It’s actually cute. We often bluff kids here with huge men. Or that the man will take their mom if they won’t behave. haha!
    very intelligent Nemo.

    My very favorite disney movie is “NEMO”

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