Pick up

Dear Optimists,

Have you ever been picked up? I am…all of the time. No, not like THAT! (Although I do get hit on quite often…hehe)

I meant it in the literal sense. See, I’m small and thin, and for some reason that gives everyone a reason to pick me up and throw me around a bit:

But I really don’t mind being short, I like it down here. If I was any taller, I’d be (even more) scared of falling – and falling is something that I do quite often.

Besides I’m just as tall as a 160 cm tree:



Darling Optimists, remember that the contest, where you can win a drawing of yourself closes today! We’ll pick a winner tomorrow!

If you don’t win, don’t hesitate to send in your story (stories?) and have it published here (with a drawing!) – deadline is Sunday! Send it to dearoptimists [at] gmail.com


10 responses to “Pick up

  1. Hahaha! Then you’re not that “short” by the way, some people are “just as tall as” a 154 cm tree! 😉

  2. Hey I’m as tall as 147 cm as a tree LOL 😀 lovely post! my cousin loves to pick me too

    • What is up with people picking up short people? It’s the weirdest thing!
      I’m so pleased to see that our readers can join my Short Club!

  3. Being short is awesome!

    You get more leg room in the car, you can sleep more comfortably on couches, and you’re more likely to win limbo contests. 😀

  4. Being short means it’s easier to get to the front of the bar! You just wriggle your way through the tall people!!

  5. Hi Nadia,
    same here, I am also tiny, short and thin 😀 I just keep in my mind, as a woman, small is beautiful 😀


  6. I get picked up because I’m light! Lol, and I’m about 160cm tooo! But I weight like around the 30kg mark! >_< it's kinda fun though =]

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