Prank Wars

Dear Optimists,

Pranks are fun, as long as nobody gets hurt. Right?

I’m mixed in with a prank war right now, and it’s fun. On a recent beach trip, a friend of mine told us the story of her aunt, the ultimate prankster. She found a dead crab and slipped it into my friend’s bed on this trip, and she discovered the dead creature in the middle of the night and was more than a bit disturbed.

The big question on my mind was “Why would ANYONE tell ME that story?!?!” So we bought a fake crab and slipped it into her bed. Hilarious. Although she didn’t think so.

And so she kept trying to make me think she’d hidden it in my room. I knew she was lying but played along and let her think I was desperately searching for it. She then tried to get my girlfriend (the worst liar EVER) to bring it home, but I caught her packing it.

So weeks later, a mutual friend told me she was going to her house, and I offered her the crab to hide in her shower. So now, weeks later, I sit here anticipating the nasty message from her about how I got someone uninvolved to hide the crab in her house.

Prank war. On.

What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled?



P.S. I also once took a page from The Office and put a coworker’s stapler in a Jello mold. Hilarious.


19 responses to “Prank Wars

  1. My best prank was doing a screen shot of someones PC, then hiding all the isons on the desktop and making the screen shot the wall paper. They went mad thinking the computer had frozen and didn’t realise until they rebooted. I couldn’t stay around, I was going red with trying to not laugh.

  2. When my boyfriend and I had just moved to our new apartment, a friend of his came to visit. My little sister (whom this friend had never met) was also staying over, so we left the door open, hid in the bathroom, and told her to act as if it was her apartment.
    When he walked inside, she acted all confused and asked if there was a problem, and if she could help him.
    He apologized all the way out, but by then my boyfriend and I unfortunately couldn’t keep it together any longer, and the prank was over.

    I just wish I could have seen his face!

  3. I once had a relative flown over the other side of the world to hide in my Brother’s wardrobe as a surprise. When my Brother returned home – drunk – the relative jumped out of the wardrobe to scare him.

    It really backfired and I thought my Brother was having a nervous breakdown. He ended up in floods of tears. He was 20 at the time…

  4. Haha, I’ve always wanted to do that jelly thing. XD

    Okay our pastor once called in as a Russian guy, wanting bicycle insurance. Of course, I fell for it. 😦
    Sooo in retaliation, I changed the name on his bill to the name he used when he called in: Yornof Karasmoski. 😀
    He was genuinely upset about it, having completely forgotten his earlier prank. He now laughs about it every time it comes up and says “That was pretty clever.”

  5. My darling mother used to prank me every single April Fool’s Day. And, like a typical fool of April, I fell for it every year.

    Some of her highlights:
    – “Your school’s burnt down!” (It hadn’t.)
    – “My car was stolen!” (It wasn’t.)
    – “Look, I found a little kitten outside!” (It was a stuffed animal.)

    Eventually, I took to writing “IT’S APRIL FOOLS DAY!!” on a piece of paper and strapping it to my wrist with a rubber band before I went to bed.

    Desperate times, desperate measures.

  6. A coworker and I changed the IT guy’s Windows Theme to the Teletubbies theme. So the desktop was a pic of the Teletubbies, and all the sounds were Teletubby sounds – like uh oh, and . He was so mad, but couldn’t figure out how to change it back! (He thought we’d changed all the elements one by one, not as a whole theme. Silly boy.)

  7. My Dad plays this game/simulator on the PC called Football Manager. You can set nicknames for the football players which effectively appears like you’ve changed the name of the player. So… whenever he walks away from his machine, I quickly jump on and rename a few of his players. It usually takes him a little while to realise. Then I suddenly hear “Huh?! Shrek?! What’s he doing playing for my team?!”

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